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Jul 2

Well, this is it friends.

Final post count; 5,471

Final like count; 684 

Final follower count; 134

Blogs followed; 199

To the friends, followers, and people who read, liked, and reblogged my bullshit, to the people I roleplayed with, and never spoke to again, to the assholes whom bothered me, or the ones I defeated, and the possible secret admirers that probably did not exist…

Time to say goodbye.

I suppose this is a bit melodramatic, but it is my blog. Was, my blog. I ran it well. I think. Maybe more Homestuck than there should of been but I suppose the majority of you didn’t really mind. Or you had tumblr savior.

Whatever the case may be, I wish you good luck on your blogging adventures. May the best come to you, may the force be with you, and may I ask you be careful with the anons you converse with.

It’s been an interesting year, and in this year I have learned a lot from this website, and it’s a shame to go. But fuck it. I’m too old for this kind of thing. In all honesty I have been considering ridding myself of this website for a while. But I suppose it finally took some assholes to make the final push. It’s whatever. I will never know them, their faces, or their names.

The same applies to you guys as well though. While I may not have known you, I was flattered to know that a good 134 of you read, reblogged and liked the things I posted. It in itself was like a mini fanbase. I guess. 

tumblr has changed. For worse. Ironically as I make my departure, people are starting to see it. I suppose all good things must come to an end.

Good luck to you all in the future, and may your dreams, posts, and ambitions come true. 

Best of luck, followers. 


Jul 1

spookyknightoftime said: Just a comment: an adult wouldn't send anon hate. Age doesn't matter; but a mature adult wouldn't send anonymous hate. It's really funny to see all these bloggers with their panties in a bunch because we are able to be the bigger people in this situation. It's also sad to see "adults" trying to put down others when they're supposed to set an example. How sad.

Anonymous said: "Thanks for keeping me up" Idiot, we didn't keep you up, you didn't go to bed so you couldn't get up for school in time. There you go again, blaming other people for your problems. I noticed another anon called your woman a tween, then you said she's almost 16. I'd just like to point out that in the mind of an adult, there's not much of a difference between 12 and 15, because they're all the same stupid children. Go ahead and delete your account. No one will miss you.

you guys are as insistent as begging dogs.

I didn’t have school you twat it’s July and I’m an ignorant american. 

She’s almost 18. Not 16. Someone can’t read.

And thanks for that extra motivation to delete my blog. I really don’t care. In fact I got more important shit to worry about than this kind of crap. You’re just another pussy who thinks they can push someone around because I have an anonymous button active. Hate to break it to you but it’s pretty cowardly to hit someone when they aren’t looking. Your insults are useless dude, I’m pretty used to it.

Just realize it’s assholes like you that make people kill themselves, and make people feel like shit just for speaking their mind. You’re one of the thousands of bullies that live in this world and make people smaller than you suffer. Though I really doubt you’re bigger than me anyway, but you have a computer! So dickhead treatment is your number one specialty. Go to hell man. You don’t have the balls to tell me this shit in person because you fucking know there would be consequences. You’ll never admit that, but it’s true. Harassment is actually a crime in my country. Surprised? Yeah me too. But don’t worry, the pussy anon button with save you from all your legal troubles.

So again sir, you are the best. You have reinforced the fact that this website is an immature shit hole full of worthless people.

Go make someone else feel bad. You’re gunna do it, and I really would like some peace and fucking quiet. 


MOTHERFUCKER, PLEASE.: You know what? Fuck tumblr.


A year ago this website was cool but ever since it got popular it’s turned into a walking hate storm of douchebags and assholes. I’m deleting my account at the end of the day. I’m contacting a few buddies on here and then I’m done. I have grown tired of assholes, 13 year olds, immature idiots,…

i love you. 

(via tezsuckseggs)

You know what? Fuck tumblr.

A year ago this website was cool but ever since it got popular it’s turned into a walking hate storm of douchebags and assholes. I’m deleting my account at the end of the day. I’m contacting a few buddies on here and then I’m done. I have grown tired of assholes, 13 year olds, immature idiots, fandoms, and all the good stuff.

fucking seriously guys, you used to be better than 4chan. But that changed real quick.

So today I delete my blog, and I be an adult, who doesn’t bother with this useless horseshit you call a website. 

Anonymous said: No, it's actually your girl that was wrong, you're welcome to continue the debate with logicd- but there was never a debate. She whined about feelings and got mad when faced with facts. Then you threatened to call Law Enforcement on people for being mean on the internet (toppest lel) and said people should be hit by cars. Who are the idiots here?

Ya know I’m so sorry I’m still a moody hot headed teenager Mr. Anon. But really when someone is fucking harassing me at the ass crack of dawn I KIND OF GET A LITTLE MAD? 



but no really you guys are totally the right ones here.

fuck. you.

I gotta be up in 3 hours. Thanks for keeping me up, anons. You guys are the best. I hope you and your families get hit by a car and die. Goodnight.

Anonymous said: You're so scary. Really, really scary. Please don't internet beat me up, bro.

Go to bed, jackass.

Anonymous said: Dude. You would flip your fucking lid at a why did the chicken cross the road joke, wouldn't you? Would you tone down the social justice warrior bullshit? Newsflash: The whole world won't cater to some hypersensitive asshat with a blog.

You think I don’t know that? You really think I am unaware of the fucks not given by the world at social issues? I’m about the pure embodiment of apathy on a typical day. But you know what dude? Maybe I’m upset that people are harrassing my girlfriend for having an opinion.

You think you’re so sassy but you’re really not. I flip the handle at a lot of fucking things but your exaggeration is exactly what it is. Exaggeration. Go to bed man, seriously. At this point I don’t even understand what the hell you’re trying to accomplish.

Anonymous said: Your girl was debating on a public forum and couldn't handle being told how wrong she was. Calm down.

I’ve had a bad night. Not like you really give a fuck. Newsflash; I’m not that calm with anything. It’s not something I can control. Why don’t YOU be the adult and leave me the fuck alone? Also she isn’t wrong. You’re wrong. You just think you’re right because you have a clan of idiots behind you.
Though you would say the same thing about me.
So why don’t you just drop it. It’s fucking useless and I don’t give two shits what you’re anonymous and moralless toaster brain has to say about me.

Get the hint and go home. I’m done arguing with anonymous pricks.

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